Fierce Self-Compassion

Week 1: Self-Compassion, Self-Kindness & Self-Soothing

Guided Recordings: Lovingkindness for Yourself

Click below for my recent podcast talks exploring self-compassion:

Week 2: Mindfulness and Connection

Guided Recordings: to be posted after workshop

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The Poetry of Self-Compassion

"Wild Geese", by Mary Oliver

"Choosing Life", by Danna Faulds

"Everything is Waiting for You", by David Whyte

"Walk Slowly, by Danna Faulds

Listen to this wonderful talk below by poet David Whyte:


Don't Fall Into the Self-Esteem Trap: Try a Little Self-Kindness, by Kristin Neff in Mindful Magazine. ​

The Scientific Benefits of Self-Compassion by Emma Seppala including amazing infographic

Saying Hello to Your Suffering (Thich Nhat Hanh on "The Second Arrow".

How to Turn Your Brain from Anger to Compassion by Paul Gilbert.

Click the image below for the full infographic: