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Newsletter  Blog November 2017 Cultivating The Heart: Joy

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Newsletter  Blog Mar 2017 Where Does Joy Come From and How Can I Get It?

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Newsletter  Blog Nov 2016 Making It Through The Storm / Strong Back, Soft Front

Newsletter  Blog Sept/Oct 2016 You Can't Stop the Waves But You Can Learn to Surf

Newsletter  Blog August 2016 Maintaining a Practice Through Vacation, Illness and Busyness

Newsletter  Blog July 2016 The Art of Self-Compassion Part 2, Meeting The Critic

Newsletter  Blog June 2016 The Art of Self-Compassion, A Personal Reflection

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Newsletter Blog March 2016 I Have No Idea What I'm Doing, An Exploration of Doubt & Uncertainty

Newsletter Blog February 2016 Let It R.A.I.N.