Mindfulness, Courage and Vulnerability - November 6, 2015

In week one, we began our exploration by touching our courage and vulnerability through mindfulness practice. We will continue on November 21 with identifying our courage and vulnerability before practicing ways to live it on December 5. Click the blue buttons to download or listen to the class material. Click here for week 2. 

The key takeaways for the first class are

-Courage is about being present with whatever is happening, being with our experience
-We can practice with vulnerability and courage

My wish is for our group to
-Become more open
-Feel empowered to manage how open we will be in different situations
-Experience peace

I define mindfulness as “paying curious attention to what is happening right now.” This allows me to be aware of what is happening in the present moment and respond thoughtfully instead of reacting habitually. We will use mindfulness tools to connect to our vulnerability, unleash our courage and live wholeheartedly.

Lovingkindness Practice

We began with a lovingkindness meditation intended to open our hearts my offering kindness and friendliness towards ourselves and others.

Brene Brown and Daring Greatly

The work of Brene Brown is the foundation for the concepts we explore in this class. Brown is a social worker, researcher, storyteller who offers insight into:

Shame - the fear of disconnection, an intensely painful feeling of believing we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love & belonging;

Empathy - ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Cultivates a sense of common humanity;

Vulnerability - “Easily hurt or attacked” (cultural/week 2) - uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure;

Courage - Heroism or bravery - to speak one’s mind by sharing one’s heart; and

Wholeheartedness - engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness (authentic).

Strong Back, Soft Front Practice

I have found in many difficult situations that my self-protectiveness and lack of vulnerability is what keeps me from connecting with others and living authentically. We experimented with a meditation from Frank Ostaseski that works with this dynamic.

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